“We approached the Catholic Bible Foundation to facilitate a breakfast meeting on Mercy for our parishioners. This was followed by a three evening Lenten programme. The notes and course material were all easy to follow.

At the breakfast meeting, simple parables like the story of the Good Samaritan now have a whole new meaning for us. It was put in such simple terms that made the story really stand out in a new way we will never forget. The insight on the “Tale of two Altars” will always stick in our minds and remain relevant in our lives. The simple yet humble way it was taught was a balm to the soul for anyone going through the motions of life. A retreat like this serves to quietly and prayerfully bring our feet back to the ground and remind us of our deep faith and the reason for our love for the Lord! It brings into perspective on a daily basis how our faith is put into practice in a concrete way. Thank you Catholic Bible Foundation.”