Fr Paul Beukes OMI

“(Ons se net Dankie) Eldorado Park Catholic Worshipping Community would like to express her heartfelt gratitude to the Catholic Bible Foundation for transforming lives with the Word of God. During your time with us, you provided an environment for growth by allowing our parish to be centred on engaging with the Bible. A much deserved recognition goes out to each and every one at the Foundation for the enormous work you put into ensuring that the Bible is read, understood and appreciated in many homes, especially in Eldorado Park. You have certainly helped our people to enter into a life giving relationship with the Living Word, through reading, studying and praying with the Bible. You have made a huge difference in the lives of many people. Thank you and may God continue to bless you in your ministry. Baie Dankie!”

Parish priest
St Eugene de Mazenod, Eldorado Park

Linda & Leroux Viljoen

“We approached the Catholic Bible Foundation to facilitate a breakfast meeting on Mercy for our parishioners. This was followed by a three evening Lenten programme. The notes and course material were all easy to follow.

At the breakfast meeting, simple parables like the story of the Good Samaritan now have a whole new meaning for us. It was put in such simple terms that made the story really stand out in a new way we will never forget. The insight on the “Tale of two Altars” will always stick in our minds and remain relevant in our lives. The simple yet humble way it was taught was a balm to the soul for anyone going through the motions of life. A retreat like this serves to quietly and prayerfully bring our feet back to the ground and remind us of our deep faith and the reason for our love for the Lord! It brings into perspective on a daily basis how our faith is put into practice in a concrete way. Thank you Catholic Bible Foundation.”

Our Lady of Lourdes

Lydia Ntesang Meremetsi

“When I started my classes with Bible Foundation, I was green but determined to listen and learn. With time and more interaction with other participants and facilitators, it started to be easier. Reading about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as well as their relationship with Christ, disciples and us, their impact on our lives can only happen when you feel their touch. The programmes offered by the Foundation have changed me into a better person and lay minister. My preparation for mass has greatly improved. I go to the Word regularly: I teach it, pray more and encourage others to do the same. I thank the team of the Bible Foundation for opening my eyes to the word of God which I pledge to share, try to live and spread.”

St Joseph Mothibistad Parish

Koger family

“We thank Catholic Bible Foundation for such a wonderful course: Bread for the Journey. Attending this course has made us very aware of how little we know the Bible. The course taught us to look at scripture in a different way and also brought Hermann and me closer together. My daughter and I speak about what we experienced and this has also brought us even closer together.

“Celebrate what is right with the world” has become my personal motto. When things go wrong I think of the positive that can come out of it. …… Interpretation of scripture and putting it into context makes it come alive. It makes one to practice what you preach. You have taught us the need to read the Bible, recognize what God is saying to us and responding to him in prayer in real life situations. The programme has opened our eyes, refreshed everything that we thought we knew and broadened our horizons.”

Christ the King

Michael Enos

“The children really enjoyed the retreats and we received comments ranging from “very good” to absolutely outstanding!” Topics were current and of such a nature that students in different age groups could easily relate to them. The facilitators managed to skilfully tie the topics in with our school’s unique challenges, assisting us greatly in reinforcing our Catholic ethos. It was well worth the money paid for and an excellent investment in the spiritual wellbeing of our students.”

Assumption Convent School, Pretoria

Fr Clement Senekane CSS

The teachings of the Catholic Bible Foundation have rekindled the spiritual eyes within us and helped us rediscover the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in our midst.

Parish Priest
St John the Baptist, Pretoria North

Alexis Bellingan

“For the past three years, the Catholic Bible Foundation has facilitated our annual Grade 6 retreats. The girls have reported that they have always thoroughly enjoyed and gained so much insight that they wished they could have retreats more often during the year. In addition, in the past three years I have also been attending the programme on Gospel of the Year they present at the Cathedral here in Johannesburg. I have obtained a deeper understanding of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, which I have passed on to my learners in Religious Education lessons. The presenters are always well prepared and ask thought provoking questions on the material covered. It is without hesitation that I thank the Catholic Bible Foundation for their excellent work in spreading the Good News of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Religious Education Teacher
St Teresa’s School, Rosebank